The history of electricity is a journey that dates back to before Christ and continues to the computer age. The journey isn’t slowing down either as people are always discovering new convenient, affordable, and better ways to produce and supply electricity. Although it’s difficult to trace everybody who was involved in shaping electricity into what we know today, one cannot fail to see their contributions and how much it means to the modern day world.

Thaise, a Mathematician, who lived in the 600BC is attributed to the discovery of static electricity. For most manuscripts, this is the earliest effort towards creating power. Thaise is said to have discovered static electricity when he rubbed amber with a piece of wool or fur.

Later in the 1600’s, William Gilbert, who is widely regarded as the father of electrical engineering, magnetism, and electricity, invented the first instrument that was used to measure electricity. This tool is referred to as a Versorium. Also, in this century, Otto Van Guericke, a German scientist, and inventor created the first electric generator, which could produce static electricity.

In 1729, an amateur astronomer, Stephen Gray, would discover the principle of conduction of electricity in one of his experiments. Pieter Van Musschenbroek, a Dutch scientist, built upon this discovery to create the first capacitor which showed that power could be stored for future use. Pieter made this discovery in 1746 and a few years later in 1752, Benjamin Franklin would invent the lightning rod which showed that electricity has positive and negative charges.

Thomas Edison, an American inventor, would, later on, build on these principles in 1879 to create the incandescent light bulb. He would later open the first power plant in New York City in 1882. This was closely followed by the invention of the modern AC by Nikola Tesla, a Croatian inventor, in 1888. From here, modifications have been made to the AC and light bulbs and the current economic times and global warming has led to the focus on the development of energy saving bulbs and electrical equipment.

Interesting Facts About Electricity

Here are a few interesting facts about electricity that you ought to know.

  • A spark of static electricity can generate up to 3000 volts
  • Electricity travels at more than 300,000 km/second
  • Electric eels can produce up to 500 volts of electricity
  • Lightning can travel at 210,000 KPH and can reach up to 30,000 degrees in temperature

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